For the contracting authorities:

·        advice on the selection of a procedure

·        preparation of documentation for participation

·        participation in a committee for initiation of the procedure

·        coordination of contracts

·        proceduralrepresentationonappealatalltheproceedings. 

For the participants:

·        consultingin preparing tenders

·        representation at the opening of tenders

·        coordination of a contract

·        filing a complaint and  litigation at theCommissiononprotectionofcompetitionandthe Supreme Administrative Court



·        Registration and reregistration of traders,  change in circumstances, acts announcement

·        Legal services to companies and sole traders

·        Coordination of contracts

·        Mediation in negotiations

·        Representationinlegalproceedings to settle trade disputes at all instances

·        Collection of overdue debts



For the employers:

·        participation in personnel selection

·        drawing up contracts and job descriptions

·        drafting settlement agreements

·        draftingorcoordinatingpenalty orders

  • representation of employers in the preparation of a collective agreement
  • authorisedrepresentation  in trade disputes before all instances

For employees:

·        preparation of applications and covering letters

·        Represenation of trade unions in the preparation of a collective agreement

·        making complaints to the Labour inspectorate and other public authorities

·        establishing the period of service judicially

·        authorisedrepresentation  in trade disputes before all instances


·         advice on buying and selling real estates including examination of title and encumbrances, preparation of title deeds

·        advice on purchase and sale of motor vehicles

·        drawing up contracts

·        preparing powers of attorney

·        Family legal advice, preparation of marriage contracts, adoption, name change, dependency

·        legal representation in divorce

·        advice in preparation of wills

·        receiving, selling and waiver,  voluntary and court division

·        protection from discrimination

·        assistance in seeking protection from domestic violence

·        protection of copyright

·        protection of victims of  accidents and mediation with insurance companies

·        recovery of claims



·        consultations in the preparation of individual, general and administrative acts

·        preparation of tender documents

·        participation in committees

·        legal representation of administrative bodies and citizens on appealing administrative acts

·        appeal against compulsory administrative measures



·        consultations of administrative sanctioning bodies in the imposition of administrative penalties.

·        appeal of administrative penalties for road traffic offences

·        appeal of administrative penalties for violations of labour law

·        appeal of administrative penalties for violation of other laws



·        submitting a court writ

·        initiation of an enforcement case

·        an independent study of the debtor

·        participation in the enforcement case to the full satisfaction of claims